Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lookee what I've got!

So, finally I can come out of the closet and confess to what has been distracting me these past many weeks, and rendering me somewhat incapable of forming a coherent thought, let alone putting together a rational post...

See, this here is the culprit:

Click for a bigger picture

Facts first.

I've known since the 2nd January.
It's due on the 7th September.
It's known for the time being as Ewok (well it does have a Wookiee for a father after all *grin*)
The Clomid worked first time *YAY*

The story so far.

T'was a dark and stormy night...

Well it might have been, it was December after all *hee*

Seriously though. I've had all the usual symptoms. Tenderness, sleeping all the time, a strong need for lots of Prune Juice *ick*, morning all day-sickness *bleargh*, really really vivid and weird dreams, etc... etc... Fortunately, the all day nausea has finally gone away and I just feel a little rough in the evenings now. I also seem to have lost my inner thermostat, so I'm boiling in the mornings (I've been wearing naught but a t-shirt, IN THIS WEATHER!!!) and then freezing in the evenings, when you can find me huddled on the sofa with a hot water bottle behind my back and a warm fuzzy blanky draped over me, usually with a couple of cats draped over me as well. They think it's great.

I do have a bit of a bump, but not much, and TBH it looks more like I've just put a bit of weight back on than anything else.

This is also why the weight ticker at the top hasn't moved for months, I really should change it now.

So, that's the news folks. I think my brain is starting to function again now, so hopefully you can expect slightly more regular posting from me from now on.