Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's been a while

Since I was last hit by a meme. Darling Gemmak has decided to remedy the situation with the Four Things Meme. So here goes...

Four Things You Love About Spring
1. Seeing things starting to sprout in the garden
2. Crisp sunny days (even if they are a rarity)
3. My birthday
4. Valentines

Four Things You Love About Summer
1. Watching all the baby waterbirds
2. Wandering barefoot in the garden
3. Sitting on the balcony
4. The easy drive to work in the school holidays

Four Things You Love About Autumn
1. Seeing all the leaves change colour
2. Sunny days without the humidity
3. Holidays (this is when we tend to take our vacations)
4. Waving goodbye to the heat and humidity

Four Things You Love about Winter
1. The possibility of snow
2. Curling up in my fleecy blanket with a hot mug of marsala tea
3. Frosty mornings
4. Seeing all the birds flocking to the feeders on the balcony

Four U.S. Cities that You’d Visit in a Heartbeat
1. Las Vegas
2. Orlando
3. Cincinnati
4. San Francisco

Four Funniest Movies (in no partic. order)
1. Carry on up the Khyber
2. Carry on Cleo
3. Young Frankenstein
4. Shrek

Four Tear-Jerkers (in no partic. order)
1. Titanic
2. The Lion King (hush now)
Can’t think of any more.

Four Most Romantic Songs
1. Regressa Mi (Unbreak my Heart) – Il Divo
2. Theme from Harry’s Game - Clannad
3. Saylon Dola (Theme from the One Game) – Chameleon
4. Is This Love – Whitesnake (yes ok, I’m weird)

Four Songs That Make You Happy
1. Conquest of Paradise - Vangellis
2. Dark Chest of Wonder - Nightwish
3. Bruce’s Philosophers Song – Monty Python
4. Wonderful Life - Black

Four Favorite Singers/Groups (in no order)
1. Iron Maiden
2. Nightwish
3. Clannad
4. Adiemus

Four All-Time Favorite TV Shows
1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Stargate SG-1
4. Farscape

Four Things You Love About Where You Live
1. The view
2. The peace and quiet
3. The wildlife
4. My huge garden

Four Things You Don't Like About Where You Live
1. The wind
2. Mowing the huge garden
3. The wildlife that the cats get
4. Having to listen to Wookiee maoning about being in the ‘middle of freaking nowhere’

Four Favorite Meals
1. Steak and kidney pie, chips and curry sauce from the chippy
2. Roast chicken (spit roasted) with creamy garlic potatoes and cauliflower cheese
3. Ceasar Salad
4. Cheese and biscuits with fruit

So now you know just how weird I am and why I need to be on a diet. Anyway, now I get to pass this on to Vics, Scully, Heather and The OldOld Lady of the Hills, go to it guys.