Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Guess who came round for coffee this morning

That's me on the left, and one the right is Gemmak!

You see after she posted her plans for Christmas the other day I discovered she would be passing within 4 miles of my house on her travels. So, I said that she and PG would be more than welcome to drop in for a small beverage. Tentative plans were made, telephone numbers exchanged, and this morning I got a wee text asking if I would be home to visitors.

It being the morning I was still home, and fortunately, they did give me a few minutes warning so I could actually clear away the worst of the Christmas mess and run around with the hoover. I was just standing out on the balcony trying to cool down for a few seconds when there was a knock at the door, and there they were.

Although Gem said they would only be able to stay for half an hour, what with them having such a long trip home, I'm sure it was nearer an hour before PG said they needed to make a move, and then (as is the way of things) it took at least another 15 minutes to separate us *grin*

We just talked and talked the whole time. Poor PG could barely get a word in sideways. Wookiee was still in bed suffering with an incredibly stiff neck and I had given him permission to be antisocial on grounds of feeling poorly.

It was fabulous to meet up with Gem and she is just as nutty as her blog suggests, and possibly just a little more cat-obsessed. Even PG is quite cat obsessed and tried to steal Pixel when the time came to go. Fortunately, they couldn't fit him in Gems handbag, so he's still here, snoozing in his bed.

I hope that we'll get the chance to continue the gossiping next time they're passing through the area.

By the way Gem, I hope you didn't have too terrible a trip in all the snow.