Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Kate Wants

Ok, I have the Sunday morning antics all written up, but I need to get the photo's sorted, and you all know how good I am at the photo thing, so in the meantime, here's a little somethng I wrote earlier...

I pinched this off a very tedious blog a couple of weeks ago.

You go to Google and type in “[your name] wants” and see what it comes back with, so apparently…

Kate wants…

…city to dig deeper (ooooh, sounds very mysterious)

…more babies (close, but a baby to start with would be nice)

…to race again (me? run? hmm, I don’t think so)

…to play Wonder Woman (sounds quite fun actually, although I’m not sure the cossie would stretch *that* far)

…to carry on partying (Yay!)

Wendy also decided to do what she needed and what she has so here goes…

Kate needs…

…a shave (now look here, I know my hormones are a little skewed but they’re not THAT bad)

…better keyboard useability (I’ve never thought that the existing one was too bad really)

…Knits! and beads, and stamps and… (Yes! More stash!)

…a Priest (no I really don’t)

…to trust Angel (Oh but I do *drool*)

Kate has…

…a friend in Sharon (Oh dear me no, I know a Sharon and I certainly wouldn't call her a friend)

…her own style (well I wouldn’t call it style exactly, but it is all my own)

…a master plan (muwahahahah!)

…a little sun and daughter (y’know, I think I’d know)

…a hard time handling large files (oh yes, those large *files* are the bane of my life, heh)

So there you go. Feel free to pinch this for yourself, just leave me a comment if you do, so I know you’ve done it.