Saturday, November 12, 2005

Confession time

Yay, finally I can 'fess up what some of the Mystery Pieces are in my completed stitching list.

Mystery Piece I

This is a sheep. It was for Gina of Catsize who has had a 'significant' birthday this year (I'll leave it to her to confess which one) and another stitcher suggested that a group of her fellow stitchers create an afghan for her birthday. Gina is mad about sheep, so we each stitched one of the sheep from the Sheep Map of Great Britain. I did the Border Leicester. Not my usual thing at all, but it came out quite well *grin*

Mystery Pieces III & IV

These were two squares for a quilt for another fellow stitcher, Michelle of The Fireside Cat. Michelle has been on kidney dialysis most of her life and has had several emotional trials in the last year. Once again another of our group suggested creating a quilt for her, as patients can get very cold while undergoing dialysis. Each square needed to be approx 40x40 stitches on an 8" square of fabric and in a set range of colours, what we know as the TW pinks and purples. Either a coloured piece on white/cream fabric or whitework on a coloured fabric to match the thread colours we were using.

The first piece I did is a 4 square repeat of TW's Celtic Inspiration Ornament with the colours changed and the beads replaced by stitches.

The second piece was a little whitework design I made up, stitched on a remnant of SMF Hearts and Flowers that I had kicking around.

I can finally tell you about them because both ladies received their gifts at a lunch GTG today. I couldn't be there unfortunately, but by all acounts they had a great time.

You'll have to wait a little while longer to find out about Mystery Piece II.