Friday, September 09, 2005

Skiving and stuff

Heh, the course finished early today and the three of us on the course agreed that we would be doing 'revision' this afternoon. For the other two this means going home and watching the last test match on the telly, for me it means coming home and blogging.

There's been a change to the course plans for the next couple of weeks as well. The next course was supposed to be 2.5 weeks long but as I'm the only person booked on it, they've been under pressure to cancel it. However I've been waiting over a year to get on it as the same thing keeps happening. The tutor has said that it shouldn't take him and me 13 days to cover all the material (what can I say, I'm good) so it's been cut down to 8 days, from the 12th, so I have to actually go and do some work next week *poo*

However this does mean that I finally get to start working part-time. You see it was all agreed, and I asked to start it in September and then they went and booked me on 3.5 weeks of training in September, meaning that the first 4 Mondays that I shouldn't be working, I was going to be in training. They did however agree to let me take time off in lieu for the 4 days I was working. It all comes out in the wash eventually.

* * *

I've finally updated my photo album with my recent stitchy finishes and updated the links on the left to reflect this. I'm back on Celtic Winter now having finished the latest part of the RR in record time (3 days). I've done the top of her skirt and all of her upper body, face and hair (apart from the beading) and I'm now working down the front of the skirt.

* * *

My stomach is healing up nicely and the scars are only going to be tiny. The bruise is almost all gone now too. It does still hurt a bit though, especially when I bend over. I'm hoping it's just muscular aches.

Have a good weekend all.