Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Intermittent service

Posts may be a bit irregular and on the short side for the next few weeks. I've just started 3.5 weeks of training at work and I can't access the net from the training machine. Since I do most of my posting at work in my breaks, that's put a bit of a crimp on my posting.

Then the day after the courses are finished I'll be jetting off to sunny (I hope) Toronto for a 2.5 week holiday, so I'll only be posting then if I can find an internet cafe or some such.

I'm also looking for suggestions of things to do while we're there. I have my two stitching classes booked and we're already planning a trip to this place, although it's a bit of a bugger that it's only open at the weekends at this time of year. We may also go here if I can convince Wookiee (he's not that keen) and we'll most likely be spending a couple of days in Niagara seeing the sights there. I've been a couple of times before but Wookiee hasn't, and while he's not that bothered about seeing the falls, there is the lure of one of the worlds longest roller coasters (he has a thing about coasters), which is at Marineland in Niagara.

So, that's some of our time taken up, but we really need more things to do. Neither of us is that bothered by museums or the like and while I'm a big fan of scenery, Wookiee's not so keen. I would like to go somewhere to see the maples in their fall outfits if possible, but I'm not sure the timing will be right for that. We will have a car and I have no problems with driving all over the place, so if anyone has any suggestions then lob them in the comments and I'll put them to the holiday committee *grin*