Tuesday, August 23, 2005

There’s good news and there’s bad news

I had my appointment with the gynie this afternoon to get the results of all the tests they put me through a few weeks ago…

Good news: seven of the eight hormones they tested for are at the normal levels.
Bad news: One of them isn’t
Good news: My testosterone levels are normal
Bad news: I have no excuse for my ‘blokey’ behaviour
Bad news: It’s my progesterone levels that are abnormal; they’re much lower than they should be.
Good news: They can treat that with a pill.
Bad news: The x-ray showed that one of my tubes is blocked.
Bad news: They want to do a camera check to see why.
Good news: They may be able to fix it while they’re in there looking.
Good news: I can go in for the op this coming Saturday.
Bad news: It will be done under general anaesthetic.
Bad news: I’m scared of generals (not the military type you nits.)
Bad news: Wookie is in Maastricht again this week.
Bad news: He’s supposed to be back on Friday but he may have to stay there the weekend.
Bad news: The hospital is about 30 miles away and I’m not allowed to drive after the op so I’ll have to get someone to take me and collect me.
Bad news: My closest friends who I would ask this favour of, are away this weekend for a long weekend because it’s their anniversary (it’s good for them, they need a holiday).
Good news: Although it’s a holiday weekend I’ll probably still need to take a couple of days off work next week to recover from the op, so I’ll get to do lots of stitching.
Bad news for Wookie: Despite all this he STILL has to get himself tested and ASAP according to my gynie *hah*

So you can see, I’m not a hopeless case (fertility-wise anyway) but I have a scary op to go through with no Wookie to cuddle me in the run up and maybe not immediately afterwards either.

Before you all start telling me that it’s a very simple op and nothing to be scared of, it’s not the op that scares me, it’s the general anaesthetic. The first time I was put under was for an operation that was very emotionally trying for me, and I have bad associations with them for that reason. The second time was to have my only two wisdom teeth removed, one of which was being cut out, as it hadn’t emerged yet. Before that op, I was a nervous wreck and afterwards I felt very ill and then heaved everywhere due to the blood I’d swallowed during the op (sorry but that’s what happens when they’re chopping about in your mouth). So that did nothing to make me any more relaxed about the whole thing.

I want my mummy *sniff*