Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stress bunny

Hmm, I didn’t mean yesterdays post to sound quite like the pity party that it did. I am feeling a lot better now. I go into these depressive funks occasionally, they don’t usually last more than a couple of days and I’m not normally as bad as got this last weekend. This time it was aggravated by the row with Wookiee.

So, I am getting stressed over this weekend, but only because I am a slob, and the house is (well was) a pigsty, and since I moved in last October I’ve done very little unpacking and sorting of stuff beyond the necessities (y’know, stitching stuff, books…). The last couple of weeks Wookiee and I have had to start sorting out boxes and things to try and clear up the rooms that are going to be used by people staying over. There’s also been a certain amount of hoovering, dusting and mopping to do, as I am the sort of person who can cope with a little fluff, dust and dirt in the cause of further slobbing *grin*

However, while all this extra tidying and sorting has been stressful, in the long term it will be quite good for me, as I am also the sort of person who stresses that things aren’t being done, while at the same time slobbing about so they don’t get done, and feeling guilty about it (yes I know, I'm hopeless), so this weekend has been the spur to getting these things done months before they actually would have been. So while the short term stress is bad, in the long term I’ll be a lot less stressed.

Anyway the short term stresses are mitigated by the fact that I’m looking forward to this weekend immensely.

For my readers not in the know…

I participate in several online stitching forums (there are links in the sidebar if you’re interested) and I have made friends with many other stitching brits through these forums. Every now and then we decided to have a get together (GTG) at someone’s house, bring a little food, a lot of stitching and masses of gossip. We had one last October way down south and a few of the more northern stitchers commented that the next one should be further north to allow them to get there. As I had just moved into my country mansion smallholding new house in the country which is of a reasonable size, I offered up my domicile for the next GTG, and that is what’s happening this weekend. The GTG is on Saturday and several people are staying over, either at my house, or in local B&B’s, because on Sunday we invade Bakewell for the purposes of buying up all the stock at Wye Needlecraft and eating lots of Bakewell pudding (or tart if you’re not local). As it stands at the moment there will be 17 stitchers, 1 partner (poor bloke) and 2 babies crammed into my living room on Saturday, with four cats wandering in and out as the mood takes them. Should be a hoot!

Subject to permission, there will be pictures *muwahahahah*