Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just a quick note

I'll post the days events in more detail when I'm feeling less sore and tired, but here's the basics:

The op went well and I recovered quite easily. I'm back home now. I had the option to stay the night if I wanted, but what I really wanted was my own bed and pillows and of course Wookiee (who came home last night and surprised me *yay*)

Of course the crucial bit of information is that they did indeed manage to unblock my tube, so I'm back to 100% functionality. I would be dancing madly round the room right now if it didn't hurt, I did cry a bit when my doctor told me, it was just such a relief.

I still need the hormone pills to bring my progesterone levels back up to normal, but once I'm on those there's absolutely no reason why I shouldn't concieve, assuming that Wookiee is firing on all cylinders of course.

Right, bedtime. Night all.