Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just a quickie

Smurf and Pixel are on the mend. Smurf has been given another 3 days tablets just to try and stop her sneezing but she’s already a lot better today. Pixel has responded very well to the shots. He has to have one more tomorrow but then that should be it. However I’m now worried about Azrael, he was more listless than usual yesterday and quite happy to be picked up and cuddled, and fall asleep on me for long periods of time, so I’m now worrying about him having caught it too.

The plan to make one piece of jewellery a day has already failed, mainly because the piece I’m working on at the moment just keeps going wrong. So now I’m aiming for an average of one a day which will allow me to catch up at the weekend when I have more time, sneaky ‘ain’t I *grin*

I’m away this weekend for a couple of nights so there won’t be much progress on anything but I’ve got Monday off work so I’m hoping to get a few bits and pieces done then. I’m seeing my arty friend tonight so I’ll ask him about my site graphics and let you know what happens.