Friday, July 15, 2005

It’s all about the goals

As you can see my ticker has been updated again this week. I missed last weeks meeting because of the holiday.

Today I’m going to write about weight loss goals.

Here in the UK we weigh ourselves in stones and pounds (well younger people use kilos, but we’ll go with the stones and pounds for this). A stone is equal to 14 pounds. So someone who weighed 148 pounds, whilst on the one hand being a lucky so-and-so (from my POV anyway) would weigh 10 stone 8 pounds (10st 8lbs).

Having these convenient ‘lumps’ of weight means that when trying to lose weight there are loads of mini-goals you can set yourself. Weight Watchers makes use of ½ stones (7lbs) and each time you lose another ½ stone you get a little shiny sticker.

Of course losing a whole stone is also cause for a slightly bigger personal celebration, which I mark by treating myself to a meal from the chippie (Steak and kidney pie, chips & curry sauce), something that I’ve had to give up having the rest of the time because it’s just too fattening.

On top of these there’s the 10% of total body weight goal, which I passed a few weeks ago, and my main goal for this phase of weight loss, which is the 50lbs by the end of the year.

But in amongst all these other goals is a stealth goal. This is the one that happens when your actual weight goes down to the next stone. So, for example, when someone who weighs 12st 1lb loses 2lbs and their weight becomes 11st 13lbs. See, that big number isn’t quite so big anymore, which, let me tell you, is a pretty good feeling.

With so many goals, losing weight gives me cause for a mini celebration of one kind or another quite frequently, and I'm sure this has helped sustain me since I started.

And the reason for today’s post about all this. Well my 1½ lb. loss this week means that my big number has just gone down by 1, YAY!

(Nope, still not going to tell you all what it is yet, maybe when I’ve actually lost all the weight I want to.)