Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An appeal to my fellow bloggers

I’m sure one or two of you may have noticed that I have a very bad habit of reading your blogs while I’m at work. Because I’m supposed to be working (terrible ain’t it) I try and keep the window as small as possible, but sometimes the sheer colourfulness of the blog shines through anyway.

So I was wondering if you could all implement one of those things that allows visitors to skin your site and have one of the skins be work friendly. You know, basically black text, white background, minimum of buttons, graphics etc.

Some of you are fine. Others are so psychedelic (yes you Sooz!) that I have to shrink the window down to almost nothing. Plus a lot of the graphics don’t load anyway because my lords and masters have seen fit to block access to various sites including photo album sites (Webshots, Photobucket etc…), which is fine unless (for whatever reason) the blank space where the pic should be overlaps the actual text that I’m trying to read (yes you again I’m afraid, and Christine too). I think it happens when the alt text is far bigger than the space the image takes up.

Oh and if someone can tell me how to implement a skinning box for myself that would be great. My new skin is beautiful but not at all work friendly.