Thursday, April 28, 2005

A very British topic

Today I’m going to write about… you guessed it. The Weather.

I’m sure the rest of the world has a reasonable understanding of British weather. It’s miserable, damp, dreary, foggy, etc, etc… But that’s not the reality of British weather. The reality is it’s total unpredictability and the ability to produce every kind of weather known to modern man within the space of 24 hours.

The last three days in my little part of England have gone something like this:

Tuesday: Woke up to look out of the window and see white, lots and lots of white. No not snow, fog. This fog stayed put all day. The building in which I work is 12 stories high (yes ok you NY-ers, stop sniggering) and my desk is on the 10th floor. All day long it was like working in a cloud.

Wednesday: I was rudely awoken at 6:15 by brilliant sunshine streaming in through the bedroom window, the east facing bedroom window (really must get a blackout blind). Driving to work required the use of sunglasses. All the blinds were down in the office and when I went out at lunchtime not only did I not wear my coat, but I didn’t even need my cardie! Short sleeves all the way. Mid afternoon into this pastoral bliss came a brief, but very enthusiastic thunderstorm. I think it was trying to cool everything down that was overheating in the unseasonal sunshine. The sun shone the entire day and temperatures were reminiscent of a summer’s day in August.

Thursday (aka today): The skies are grey and it’s pissing it down. Has been ever since I got up at 6am to answer the call of nature. I don’t see any sign that it’s going to let up at any point.

So there you have it. Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you, The British Weather.