Friday, April 15, 2005

So what shall we watch then?

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of Vics Inspiration Inc.

This is a question guaranteed to elicit groans, moans and face pulling from DBF of an evening. Going to the cinema is another trial. We both love watching films, just not the same films.

He thinks I have absolutely no standards and will watch any drivel and seemingly enjoy it despite poor acting, lack of plot and glaring inconsistencies or improbabilities.

I think he’s far too anal and the reason he likes so few films is that he’s a picky git.

We both have UGC cinema cards, which for those of you not lucky enough (or interested in) is a pass that costs £9.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to any UCG cinema (‘cept the central London ones a’course). You can see 6 films a day (if you schedule it right!) or the same film 20 times if you want. This assumes, of course, that you can actually agree on what to see.

Oh dear.

A couple of years ago we decided that we would take it in turns choosing a film and the other one had to go and see it without complaint (before the film anyway). Anything we knew we both wanted to see (LOTR for example) didn’t count. This started out amicably enough, we saw a few films and if one or other of us was a touch unimpressed when we exited the cinema, well that was the way it went.

It all started to get vicious when he chose About Schmidt as his film. If you’ve seen this film you will have your own opinions about it and my intention here is not to start a debate. I will say that it was a very clever, very well made film and the actors were great. Jack Nicholson is not one of my favourite actors but he is good. But regardless of all this I really really didn’t like this film. It was just so depressing. If there were an Oscar for “Film most likely to make you slit your wrists by the end” it would be the runaway winner.

I watch films for escapism. My favourite genres are Fantasy and Sci-fi (surprised?, no I didn’t think so) but I’ll watch pretty much anything, so long as I feel upbeat, reassured, or released by the end. Of course if they're crap they're crap and I'll never watch them again (Valentine anyone?). I don’t mean that all the films I watch have to have a happy ending just that they have to have a resolution. It’s been a while but I don’t remember any kind of resolution by the end of AS. It was more, ‘this is your life now, suck it up and get on with it, it isn’t going to get any better’

Anyway, after being subjected to that, I was forced to retaliate. I happen to like chick-flicks. I watch them for the same reason that I read romance novels. They’re fun, they’re sappy, soppy, cheesy, corny and totally unrealistic but they always have a happy ending. So to counteract the depression of AS I hit back with not one, but two chick-flicks. I know I’m the evil GF from hell aren’t I *grin*

So what did I do to my poor misunderstood DBF. First I hit him with Maid in Manhattan *gasp*. He actually made it through that reasonably intact. A few snide sarcastic comments about pointless, plotless drivel and he was back to his old self. So, thinks I, what next.

Can you guess dear reader, can you even imagine the depths to which I would sink (Bridget Jones eat your heart out)

The very next week I took him to see……..

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days!!!!!!

That did it! We walked out of the cinema at the end of the film with him saying that never before has he wanted to get out of his seat and punch the characters in a film *hee, I win*

Of course this now means that any films like that I have to go and see on my own. This is not a problem, I don’t have any issues with going to the cinema on my own. I just use The GlareTM on any possible pervert types and they never come anywhere near me.