Monday, April 11, 2005

Oh what a weekend

I can’t seem to shake the lurgi’s at the moment. I’ve had three colds so far this year, and not just little sniffles for a couple of days, oh no, we’re talking full-blown goop factories in your sinuses, constant itching down one side of your face that (after much scratching) leaves you looking like a bad imitation of the Phantom of the Opera, that constant tickle up one nostril so you always feel like you’re about to sneeze without the satisfaction of actually sneezing, which also makes your eyes water. There’s the headache that feels like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are having a ceilidh in hobnail boots, with magic mushrooms, and then just as things are starting to clear up, the final insult of the cold sores covering your lips making you look like you’ve been snogging rats (plague carriers in case you didn’t get the link there) and the look on your SO’s face when he absent-mindedly goes to kiss you goodbye just says it all.

This weekend I was looking forward to some serious lounging with stitching. ‘Twas my birthday on Sunday (no, I’m not telling you which one) so I was also looking forward to being pampered. Friday morning I woke up from another restless night so exhausted that I daren’t drive to work (public transport being largely useless) so I called in and took an impromptu day’s holiday (I think they’re called duvet days in the US). Other than being tired, it was quite a good day. I had a nap in the afternoon and a couple of our friends came over in the evening (pre-arranged weeks ago) and we played board games and had a few drinkies and generally made merry until the wee small hours.

The friends both stayed over but having small children they are used to rising early even after a late night so we were up earlyish too to see them off. After about an hour DBF decided to go back to bed for more napping, I stayed up to stitch, and it while I was stitching that it happened.

I’ve had the odd dizzy spell before but this one was a doozy. The first I noticed was when I turned my head to look for something and the room spun (think head rush) ok thinks I, let’s just sit still for a moment and it’ll go away. But it didn’t, it got worse and I was starting to feel nauseous too. After about 15 minutes it had got so bad that I was getting quite scared, so I decided to go upstairs for a lie down and a cuddle from DBF. Well standing up aggravated the nausea and that was when I realised that I couldn’t actually stand upright. I thought I was but I was actually falling to the right. I made it upstairs by moving very slowly and holding on to things, at which point I had to make a small detour into the bathroom (nuff said). So when I finally made it into the bedroom I was in a right state. DBF was awake by now and saw I was having problems so he helped me into bed. And that’s where I stayed. All day long. I dozed for a while and found when I had to get up to answer the call, that I wasn’t wobbling anymore, but after about 5 minutes it came back again, so back to bed I went.

I ended up snoozing most of the day away. DBF did a spot of research online and told me that I’d most likely had an attack of vertigo and that if it persisted I’d have to go to the doctors, ‘oh and you can’t drive’ says he. Great, so I have to weave my way to the bus stop, or call a taxi. I spent the evening on the sofa. I managed to finish my stitching on Fanciful Butterfly (see link under Completed Stitching in my sidebar) and only had one or two mild attacks.

Sunday I woke up feeling a little woozy but managed to get through the day with only the occasional head rush and felt well enough by the evening to go to the local Chinese restaurant for a birthday meal (very nice food) so I’m in work today and feeling pretty much ok. I know there are people who suffer from vertigo all the time and I can’t imagine what that must be like, just my brush with it over the weekend was scary enough thankyouverymuch.

I did have good birthday though. DBF gave me DS9 season 2 on DVD, a photo diary book of a cat called Ernie, a comic compilation book and a Birthday Tatty Teddy which brings my rare collection of ‘teddies that DBF has given me’ up to two.

I also managed to cut, bind, wash and iron the fabric for my Round Robin, and design the border for it (backstitched knotwork). I’ll start marking out the stitching areas tonight and maybe even make a start on my bit.

Hmm, maybe I should change the name of my blog to Kitty's Ramblings...