Sunday, March 13, 2005

Titillating Tupperware

Gemmak recently blogged about her memories of tupperware parties and the more recent phenomenon of Anne Summers parties.

I've been to one Anne Summers party. It was hosted by a good friend of mine L. Much alcohol was consumed and a raucously fun time was had by all. I did not make any purchases, as AS do not make lingerie in my size and at the time I was too young and embarrassed to purchase any of the other items.

We played several silly games and giggled and blushed over such gems as the infamous Rampant Rabbit (adult link) and the Snapper thong for men (unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of this).

But by far the most hilarious moment was provided by the host’s mother (a thoroughly disgraceful lady, destined to wear purple) while playing one of the games. It involved stating out loud "My name is x and my favourite part of the body is y" where y had to begin with the same letter as x. Well her name is Vanda, amusing in itself, but the really funny part was that her wits seemed to have deserted her completely as she genuinely couldn't think of a part of the feminine form that began with the letter V. Oh we were in bits.