Friday, March 11, 2005

Stiching bloggers question & nerd-o-meter

Stitching Bloggers Question

Do you have a favourite designer (or designers)? If so, who is it and why is he or she your favourite?

Oh yes indeed. It would have to be the amazing Teresa Wentzler. Back in those heady days when I was first learning to stitch, I had done a few small pieces, the biggest of which was working on my name using the Care Bears Alphabet. One day I was flipping through the charts in my LNS, a place in which I happened to have secured a Saturday job, thus affording me many opportunities of flipping (and spending!), when I came across a design that I fell in love with. It was called Night and looked terribly advanced.

I didn't buy it straight away, I mulled it over first for a few weeks, going back and just staring at it, drooling a little. Eventually I succumbed and started to stitch it :)

That was about 16 years ago and she still isn't finished. Mainly because I knew no better in those days and started stitching her on Aida *shudder*. She is more than half-finished and I am determined to finish her without starting again on evenweave. On that day there will be much celebrating and rejoicing, because I have another confession to make. I have never actually finished one of Teresa's designs. Not. A. One.

I have started Night and Celestial Dragon and done the corners and middle bit from Fantasy Sampler, but so far I cannot say I have a completed TW under my belt. Hopefully this will change in the next couple of weeks as I am stitching Futurecast at the moment. But does he really count, he's only diddy :)

Hmm, back to the point. Aside from Teresa I am rather partial to the works of Marian Leavitt-Imblum and I am rapidly becoming a fan of Martina Weber which could make an already expensive hobby even moreso.


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