Friday, March 25, 2005


I am officially having A. Bad. Day.

Disclaimer: Yes I know there are people elsewhere in the world who a far worse off than I am, and I have my health, my home, a loving DBF and four gorgeous kitties, but today I’m having a crap day.

I am in work on a bank holiday because management messed everything up a couple of weeks ago and instead of implementing two weekends ago when we all had the time reserved for implementing, we’re implementing this weekend, which is Easter weekend and half the team have other things planned.

Yes I know I shouldn’t blog about work but just this once I’m damn well going to.

On top of that (TMI warning) it’s ‘that time of the month’, it started today. So I’m cranky, crampy, crabby and crappy. Ok that’s it I can’t think of any more words beginning with cra-.

Of course for the last week I’ve been PMT/PMS-ing and most things have been annoying me in on form or another, so I honour of the occasion I have compiled the following list:

10 Things that irritate me

Yes I’ve restricted myself to ten. I could have done about 50 but a websphere of irritated bloggers is not my aim and I know how wound up you can get just reading these sort of things. You start to remember things that have irritated you in the past. Wait your turn, you get to play at the end.

1. When you’re out in the rain and there’s a shelter to stand or walk along under: The people with umbrellas who then position themselves under that shelter forcing those of us without any personal protection to stand/walk in the rain. COME ON PEOPLE, just how many layers of protection from the rain do you really need?!?!?

2. When you’ve been waiting for the tram for 10 minutes, and you’re standing in the right place for the doors (you know this because there are special paving slabs for the blind at these locations) and you know the tram is going to be busy but there will be some few seats left: The people who saunter along just as the tram is approaching and stand in front of you so as to get on first. Tram Rage anyone?

3. When the previous event has just occurred and you see one of the perpetrators sit down in the very last seat. I’d whack her one with my umbrella if I had one.

4. My boss (he just does).

5. In the supermarket at a very busy time and you’ve just spent the last 10 hours (well dammit it feels like 10 hours!) fighting your way through the massed unwashed trying to get to a particular item: The person coming the other way who steps aside to let you pass and actually stands right in front of the very item you are trying to get to (yes I know they were trying to be helpful, keep reading) who then GLARES at you when you signal that you are trying to get where they are.

6. The person in your way who continually ignores you even after you’ve said “excuse me” 10 times at increasing volume, who then makes a loud comment about how rude people are when you barge past them muttering curses under your breath. (Yes I know some of these people could be hard of hearing but I know damn well that some of them weren’t)

7. My DBF, who has holes in two of his teeth, who refuses to go to the dentist, who then sits there after eating something making this squeaky sucking noise trying to get food out of the holes. I swear one day I’m going to save him from ever having to go to the dentist again.

8. People who assume you’re in a bad mood simply because you’re not actually smiling at that moment in time.

9. The phrase “Cheer up, it might never happen”. Suitable responses are “Yes I know, that’s the problem” and “No you’re right it might never happen to me, but it’s sure as hell going to happen to you if you don’t move away right now”

10. When you’re on a diet (or pregnant) and you are about to indulge a little and are fully cognisant of what you are doing and have accounted for it: People who say “you shouldn’t be eating that you know, it’s very fattening/bad for the baby” Do these people realise that a person in either state is going to be more than a little tense anyway. Commenting like this really ought to be considered an extreme sport.

So now it’s your turn. Go on, don’t be shy…