Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Song associations

I was listening to A-ha’s album Hunting High and Low the other day. Now whenever I hear the second track on this album, called Train of Thought, it always makes me think of playing Bug Blaster on my parents old BBC B (it’s mine now)

Now you may very well wonder why it’s the second track on the album and not the first. Well I’ll tell you. I’m sure many of you remember the days of tape drives and single density 5¼ inch floppy disks. Those of you too young to remember should make note and remember this tale next time you complain about software loading times.

I would quite regularly go and play games on the old Beeb, and it so happened that at the time this album came out I was quite avidly playing Bug Blaster. So my gaming session would go like this:

1. Switch the machine on.
2. While machine is warming up, put album on turntable (yes you heard me)
3. Put needle on record and start album playing (ok stop sniggering in the back)
4. Sit down at Beeb and put games disk in drive
5. Type commands in at a prompt to switch to the other side of the disk (yes this one was actually double density!)
6. Type commands in to load game (y’see, none of your fancy-schmancy GUI’s here)
7. Sit back and wait for game to load

Now this last part would take quite a while (about 4 minutes, quick for them days) and it so happened that around about the time the game had loaded and I was ready to start playing, the first track on the record would be finishing. So my first game would be to the second track on the record. This happened many many times and so I will always associate that song with playing Bug Blaster.

So what strange event-song associations do you have? "Our Tune's" do not qualify for this one. I want strange ones please.