Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Linky lurve and losing

Actually I’m going to cover the losing bit first…

I went for my first weigh-in today and I’ve lost 4.5 lbs!!! See the updated weight tracker =) *Doin’ the snoopy dance*

Ok, now the linky lurve…

First of all Michelle. She does this wonderful thing with her blog, she encourages her readers to go and read other peoples blogs and while you're there to leave a comment saying ‘Hello, Michelle sent me’. So go on over and join in with the Comment Game.

Next there’s a Blogging Auction over at HeroineGirls blog, go over, join in and then bid on stuff. There’s lots of cool goodies to aim for.

Finally, one of my favourite blogs that I check every day for updates is Woozle Madness. Go and give Suze a visit, read about her adorable puppies (no fellas not those kind of puppies, the dog kind) her totally insane ferrets (aka ferts, aka woozles, aka tuberats, aka thinmint thieves) and her day to day exploits working just on the USA side of the USA/Mexico border.

Oh yes, almost forgot my own plug:
More jewellery listed on Ebay including several items for Valentines so buy, buy, BUY!