Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sparklies - Buy my stuff !!

Sparklies is the name of my jewellery business that I have been running for nearly 4 years, making and selling jewellery mostly through a shop run by a friend. I have been meaning to put up a shop on the net for ages but I never seem to have the time to create my website.

So this weekend I bit the bullet and have started selling on Ebay until I can find the time to write my website properly.

Click here to go and see my first few listings. More will be coming as I get the items photographed and listed.

Look out for the valentines items that I will be listing tomorrow.

I have also been learning Silversmithing and am always interested in commission work. These are a couple of pictures of the first commission piece I did. The buyer was a psychic medium who wanted a shamanistic necklace made out of Smokey Quartz with a large Moonstone focus.

The pendant is a Moonstone palmstone about 5cm x 3cm and I had to make the setting for it. The necklace is made up of Smokey Quartz and Sterling Silver beads. The moonstone had a lot of fire in it and unfortunately these pictures don't do it justice.