Friday, February 11, 2005

I’m ready to be fitted for my coat now

You know the one with the extra long, wraparound sleeves.

That’s right I’ve decided I’ve finally lost it. Whaddya mean I lost it years ago, I didn’t lose it, I just put it in a safe place.

As a cross stitcher I come into contact with a lot of numbers, mostly three digit numbers. These are the numbers on the skeins of thread that I use. Each colour has its own number. Each manufacturer has its own numbers for the colours, so that the same colour by two different manufacturers will have two different numbers. Clear as mud, right?.

Well the threads I use are made by DMC and there’s quite a few of them. Even so, after being a stitcher for *cough* 19 years I’ve started to remember which numbers and colours go together. For example if someone were to say 725 I’d say light yellow, or 310 is black. This by itself is not a sign of impending insanity, oh no.

Even reading through threads (ha!) on stitching forums entitled “What colour is your house number” does not qualify me for a refit of my bedroom involving really thick squshy wallpaper and rubber tiles on the floor (now that reminds me of the time…ok enough!)

But now I’ve started recognising the numbers on Blog Explosion. You know, the ones you have to click on when you’re surfing blogs. I’ve been doing it today. Several times as I’ve clicked on a number, in my head has been “that’s a mid brown” or “ah good old bright red”.

So I think it’s time. Send round the men with the tape measures. Tell them to make the sleeves good and long. But I don’t want any old white jacket. Make mine BS5200 please.