Monday, December 20, 2004

Stressing and schmaltzing

So yesterday I had a crisis. I’ve been getting more and more stressed about various things recently, including (but not limited to) the furnishings in the house.

Some brilliant person suggested combining this year’s New Years celebration with a house warming party for our new house. Oh wait, no, that’s a mad idea. What do you mean it was my mad idea, I’d never do something like that, nonononono, must’ve been some other lunatic *grin*.

So we’ve got 7+ people coming for a party at our place on New Years Eve, wheeee! We officially live in the middle of nowhere so we’ve said that anyone who wants to can stay over. *Sound as of someone pulling the needle off a record* YOU WHAT!!!! Ok, where precisely are we going to put everyone, hang on a minute, where are they all going to sit! What are we going to be doing all evening? Apart from getting drunk I mean. Playing board games you say (not as sad as it sounds trust me on this), hmm, what on? Tables… riiiight… what tables? Oh the ones we haven’t got yet, you meant the ones we haven’t been able to agree on yet, those tables, ok.

So let me get this straight. We are going to be spending New Years Eve sitting on sofas/chairs we don’t have (cos we haven’t been able to agree on anything) at tables we don’t have (see sofas/chairs) playing board/card games that we have far more of than any sane couple has a right to, and then after they’ve all drunk themselves into an alcoholic stupor they’re going to curl up on spare beds (that we actually have some of) in rooms that are still full of packed boxes. Fine. No. Problem. At. All.

So at this point I’m sitting on the sofa (yes we do have one), flipping through the Ikea catalogue in a somewhat desperate manner and really trying not to cry all over it. We had actually gone out the day before to this sofa place that does really cheap sofas, and ordered 2 to be delivered this Thursday. We'd also ordered a new mattress for the spare bed my parents gave me (the old one reeks of cigarette smoke). Of course by this stage I was having second thoughts about the sofas.

In the end it was decided that the order stayed and if I was still unhappy about the sofas after Xmas then we could think about what to do with them then. We’ve established that we can provide 4 double beds and space on the floor in one of the rooms for a single bed made out of cushions from the sofa. That’s not including our bed. We can probably also find room for more people to sleep if they bring something to sleep on.

Here's the schmaltzy bit: I have to say how wonderful DBF was yesterday while I was having my mini-breakdown. There’s something else that’s bothering me at the moment, some of you will know what that is, sorry to the rest of you but I’m not ready to share on that topic yet. The problem is that I shouldn’t be letting it get to me yet, but this weekend it did, and while DBF will normally get a little cross with me for getting stressed over it, yesterday I think he realised that I’d got myself really worked up over it. So instead of being ‘blokeish’ about it, he provided that much needed shoulder and I proceeded to get his t-shirt good and soggy, after which he cracked a few jokes and cheered me up in the way only he can. So here’s to my adorable DBF and many more stressed-out, soggy-tshirted, joke-filled years.