Monday, December 20, 2004

Stitching Bloggers QOTW

Besides framing, what other ways do you finish your cross-stitch pieces?

Not many so far. I've finished one piece as a bellpull and the birth sampler I'm doing at the moment will be finished as a small hanging. I've mounted a couple of pieces on cushion covers in the past, but most everything else has been framed.

I do consider stitching full cushion covers but then I think that I'd be too scared to use them as cushions once they were finished and I'm not the type to have purely decorative cushions about the place.

Embroidery is a different matter, I've done allsorts with that, but my favourite piece will always be the train of my wedding dress (despite having divorced since.) I stitched a 3 foot diameter celtic knot on the end of it. It was all done in split stitch and took many hours of work but it was worth it.