Monday, November 15, 2004

Stitchy things


I just realised that although this is supposed to be the blog of someone who is rather keen on stitching, there's absolutely no mention of it in any of the posts. Time to rectify..
I'm not actually stitching at the moment thanks to the house move. All my pieces are still packed and I don't want to unpack until I have somewhere to store. However I do have various things on the way at the moment including Victorias Sampler: Heirloom Birth Sampler which I will be starting straight away. It's a gift for a friend and colleague who's wife had their second (a boy) 2 days before I moved house. I've also just spent over £50 on stash from a fellow BBer who is selling off masses (and I do mean masses) of her stuff. I managed to nab Chatelaine's Water Garden off her which will be my first Chatelaine, although when i'll start it, I don't know.

More stitchy stuff next time, I promise =)