Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In a flurry of tissue and boxes...

Whew! Well my move went quite smoothly by what I hear from other people. I collected the cats after the weekend and they marauded all over the house for about 2 hours after we got home. They're all quite settled now although only Pixel (my oldest) is being allowed out until I get a catflap installed.

It took three weeks to get DBF moved in. The first weekend after my move we hired a van and got the bulk of his stuff from the flat but then we spent the next two weeks puttering back and forth in my car getting the last few bits and pieces. He had been in the flat for just over 11 years and sorting through the debris took quite a while (not to mention a strong stomach *eew*).

Now we are in a flurry of tissue paper and boxes as we try to unpack everything while getting used to living together, and at the same time going to work and doing our normal day jobs. The hardest thing for DBF is the new 'improved' trip to work. It used to take him 20 mins, now it takes about 1.5 hours each way so he has to get up a lot earlier, which he hates.

Still haven't got the computer set up, but I did unearth the boxes last night so it should be up and running by tomorrow night at the latest, of course then I have the whole issue of being stuck with dial-up for the next two months until BT get the exchange upgraded, ah well I still have access at work and that's fast =)

Ah well I think that's all the news for now, really must make an effort to update this thing more regularly...