Monday, March 23, 2009


I always check on Ewok before I go to bed at night, just to make sure he's ok, tuck him in properly if he's kicked the duvet off, and check his nappy. At the moment I usually have to change his nappy lest it be all full and leaky come the morning.

When I have to do this, he will rouse a little, I'll get vaguely coherent comments from him and co-operation with any nappy-changing instructions, such as asking him to lift his bum up so I can slide the new nappy into place.

I was doing this the other night and he was his usual 80% asleep, 20% co-operation and mumbled sleepy comments. I changed his nappy and put his pyjama bottoms back on him, which is his cue that he can curl up again because Mummy's finished messing him about. I snuggled dog up to his front, and his arm went round him and I got a sleepy 'thank you' which made me smile. Then I pulled the duvet back over him, tucked him in and turned to pick up the wet nappy for disposal, and that was when it happened....

From behind me I heard a very very sleepy 'All cosy'

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Picture taken a while ago when Ewok was still in his cot