Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's weird Mummy out...

Two things have happened recently that make me think Ewok is trying to weird me out.

The first was one night, when I went in to his room to check on him before I went to bed, some three hours after he'd gone to bed. I do this every night, and sometimes it will disturb him a little and he'll sit up and mumble something at me, but quietly telling him to lie down, with guidance in the direction of 'dog' always gets him snuggled down again. However, on this occasion, before I'd even got the door fully open, I was startled to see him kneeling up facing the window, completely still and quiet. He didn't move a muscle, even as I made my way into the room and over to the bed. I did my usual quitely telling him to lie down, and still without a word he just sort of folded up on himself, so his head was on the pillow and he was curled up in a ball on his front. What freaked me out the most about this was his total lack of awareness and the silence.

The second incident was the following day. He was amusing himself as he frequently does, and had opened the living room door (there's a gate so he doesn't wander about the house), and I hadn't really registered that he'd done it. Then I clearly heard him say 'Thank you Daddy' and then he shut the door and went back to his toys! Now it was while we were snowed in, so I just assumed that Wookiee had decided to work from home again, although I had thought he'd gone in to work on that day. So I went to the door myself to check, then I searched the house, and discovered that Daddy definitely wasn't home! I did discover one of Ewok's little wooden train engines, carefully balanced on top of the gate, and it was one he'd been asking Wookiee where it was the day before.

*Cue twilight zone music*