Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So young, so cynical

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I decided a walk in the forest was in order. We're lucky enough to live only a 15 min drive from Sherwood Forest and there's a nice 1 mile trail that's suitable for all, so off we went.

I actually remembered to take the camera with me to try and get some autumnal photos and of course more Ewok photos, I got a few good ones and you'll find some at the end of the post.

Towards the end of the walk I spotted a lovely spot, carpeted with fallen leaves and with a fallen branch between two trees, all lit by the late afternoon sun, so I sat Ewok down on the branch and tried (without much sucess) to get him to sit still long enough for some photos. After I'd given up he was rooting around in the leaves and came up with an acorn cup, still with a bit of twig attached. I told him it was a cup, which he accepted and then waved it at me saying 'cup' a few times. Then I told him it was an elf cup, from which the elves drink. His response to this was to put his head on one side for a few seconds and then screw his face up into his best 'you're having me on' expression and say 'naaaaahh!'

So, first a couple of 'me trying to be all arty' photos..

And now some Ewok photos...

(that's the Major Oak behind him, big isn't it!)