Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts folks. I have stories to tell, but every time I thought about actually posting one of them I got a big fat 'meh' on.

Things to tell include:

Mouse 1, Wookiee 0
The catflap incident
The tale of the disappointed thief
Baby banana bread

But today i'll tell about last night, when I went in to do Ewok's nighttime nappy change.

You see I have to change his nappy in the night because he piddles that much during the night, that if I don't change it, then he's wet or worse come the morning. The change usually takes place 4-5 hours after he's gone to bed, just before I settle down for the night.

Last night I went in about 4 hours after his bedtime and did my usual check of nappy fullness, only to discover that his pajamas were sodden, as were the bedsheet and the top sheet. On top of all that, dog was slightly damp too, although I think most of that was transference as he was being well cuddled.

I'm certain the source of the water was his sippy cup, which he has in bed with him every night, I'm also almost certain the soaking was self-inflicted. He has this 'thing' he does, where he gets a mouthful of water and then just dribbles it down his front, and keeps going until he empties the cup. He doesn't do it too often these days, but he was doing it yesterday, so I suspect he did it last night before going to sleep. I'm actually quite surprised that he then settled down to sleep so quietly, all damp as he was.

So there I am, needing to change him and the bed completely, and of course he's chosen the night that all his other bedsheets have gone in the wash (were in fact in mid-wash-cycle at the time) and the only clean ones were the ones he'd got all wet. At least there was a single pair of jammies still clean.

I ended up putting one of our sheets on the matress and wrapping it around several times (we only have king size!) and fishing out one of his crib blankets for warmth, it wasn't really big enough to cover him but I suspect he doesn't really use the top sheet much anyway. He woke up while I was changing him, as I had to transfer him to the changing table. Normally I quick-change him in the cot and he rouses enough to co-operate but nothing more. This time he was chatting away to me and quite awake. Fortunately he settled back down again quite happily once I put him back in the, now dry, cot. I had to leave dog with him, I doubt he'd have been so happy to go back to sleep without his beloved dog.

I can't wait for nighttime potty training *sigh*