Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Calling all UK stitchers...

...and any non-UK ones who may be here on holiday in a few weeks. Come along and support me (and all the other exhibitors of course) at the first Stitches Needlecraft Show, being held in Bakewell by Wye Needlecraft on the 9th and 10th August.

I only found out about the show this morning from a fellow stitcher who's planning to go to the show and was hoping to arrange a bit of a get together, however as I only live about 20 miles from Bakewell this looked like a great opportunity to do a show, without it costing me a fortune in travel and hotel costs on top of show costs. So I gave them a call to get the details, then called Wookiee and asked if he'd be okay with me spending a whole weekend at the show, and then called them back and asked where I had to sign. I had to do it quickly before I talked myself out of doing it.

This does however mean that thinks are going to be just a little frantic chez Kitty for the next few weeks, as I do not routinely keep a large stock of ready-dyed fabrics as it's easier to simply dye to order. So all my spare time until the show will be spent squirreled away in my tiny utility room which doubles as a dyeing room.