Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Six months and a new start

I can't believe it, but Ewok is six months old today!

It really doesn't seem like that long, and he's grown so much since then. He was weighed and measured yesterday and he's now 21lbs 4oz and 72cms tall. Last week I had to start using some of his 9-12 month clothing, although some of the 6-9 month stuff still fits. The funniest is some of his trousers, which fit him fine round the waist but are now too short for him, so you can see his socks practically up to his knees, such a looovely look *grin*

He's sitting on his own quite happily now. I still surround him with cushions because when he does overbalance he can't stop himself, but he's working on that too. He can also stand up as long as someone hold his hands, to stop him falling not to hold him up. His favourite sound to make is mmmmmmamumamuma, so I'm trying to encourage him to keep it to mama. His other favourite sound is a high-pitched squeal, the sort of sound normally used for attracting dogs. If anyone knows a way of stopping this I would be very very very grateful. Screaming and crying I can deal with, the squealing is just painful.

His favourite thing to do at the moment, is spend time in his door bouncer. Today he spent a whole hour in there and would have happily spent longer if he hadn't got hungry. I like it too becuause it keeps him happy and occupied and I know he's not getting into trouble while he's in it, and it leaves me free to work for a while.

He's an adorable, happy, good natured sunny little boy and I'm so lucky to have him.

Ok, enough of the schmaltzy stuff...

In other news, I finally got my shop to a state where I felt I could open it up to the public, and last night I put it live. It's not properly finished, there are still things I want to add to it, but I need to start the money rolling in, and it's good enough to do that. If you'd like to pay a visit then the image link in my sidebar will take you straight there now. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, and spread the word if you know any stitchers or people who like jewellery. At the moment there's more stitchy stuff than jewellery in there but I plan to work on the jewellery this week.

Anyway, it's feeding time, *again*, goota go.