Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well that was obviously too easy. Everyone except Vanessa got it right. The fat faced baby at the top is Wookiee, the adorable one in the middle (not that I'm biased) is Ewok and the happy little bundle at the bottom is me.

I thought that the grainy quality of the top one would be a bit of a giveaway that it wasn't a recent photo but it's the only baby picture I have of Wookiee. The one of me is the only one where I look remotely like Ewok, all the others look nothing like him, so I had to use that one. The reason it's so small is that I'm in my pram and if you saw the pram you'd know for sure it was an old picture, as it was a very old style pram, the sort of thing you'd see Wendy Craig pushing around (for those of you old enough to remember that show)

I'm busy making preparations at the moment. We're off out for our first full day out tomorrow. We're going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate and meeting up with some fellow stitchers while we're there. I'm a little apprehensive as it'll be the first time I've had to breastfeed in public, but there's no way I can take enough bottles for the day and I'd have to express at some point anyway, otherwise I'd be really uncomfortable by the end of the day.

I've also been madly dyeing fabrics all week to take with me in the hope of tempting my fellow stitchers. If I can't then I'll be listing them on Ebay over the weekend. I've managed to dye some pieces of exisiting colours and come up with four new colours for the range called Gecko, Monarch, Shades of Autumn and Rainforest. I'll try and post some piccies of them here when I can.