Thursday, January 05, 2006

See that tumbleweed...

Ok my mind is a blank as far as writing something generically scintillating goes so here's the Stitching Bloggers Question for this week:

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you like better? Why?

For my readers not in the know LNS=Local Needlecraft Shop, ONS=Online Needlecraft Shop.

Right, I tend to do most of my spending online, simply because it's cheaper and I don't generally enjoy going shopping. The exception is when I want to look at colours, especially hand-dyed/overdyed things. Then I go to the shop. My nearest LNS for that is a good 15 miles away (not much I know, compared to some) and it is a very very good one, however they are a little on the pricey side, so I try and resist visiting too often. I certainly won't be going there for a while, what with being on the Wagon and all.