Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It’s only temporary

But as anyone who’s ever worked in IT (or DIY for that matter) will know, temporary things have a disturbing way of becoming all too permanent.

That said, this new template is only meant to be a short-term replacement for the ‘cat’ one from Lisa until I can get the template selector up and running.

The reason for the very simple layout is because I’ve had a couple of comments from readers about the fact that they can’t read part of my blog. I think it’s due to the two sidebars and the fact that the other template was designed to work at 1024x768 resolution and some people just can’t cope with that.

So for the time being I’ve thrown together a very plain, single sidebarred template based on one of the Blogger staples.

I’m also working on my own template, another cat themed one (what else!) but quite different from the other one.