Monday, July 18, 2005


I’m all alone this week. Wookee’s been sent to Maastricht by work to install some software at a client’s site. The fact that he was still writing and debugging said software over the weekend is of no import, really. This means that I can sit and watch whatever take my fancy with no sarcastic commentaries from the sidelines *yippee*, and with that in mind I ordered the Farscape mini series on DVD, the one they made to finish the whole thing off when season 5 was cut leaving season 4 with a massive cliffhanger. I had an email last night saying it had been posted *woohoo*

Over the weekend I finished watching through all the DVD’s of Robin of Sherwood. For those of you that don’t know, it was a British T.V. adventure series based on the legend of Robin Hood that aired in the 80’s, the link on the name will take you to a page with more info. For those of you that do know, who was your favourite? Michael Praed or Jason Connery. Back when I was a hormonal teen it was the young Mr Connery all the way, now I’m a hormonal thirtysomething… it’s STILL the young Mr Connery *drool*

In stitching news, I’ve already finished Zoe’s RR piece, but you’ll have to wait for a pic until Wookee gets back from Maastricht as he’s gorn orf with the camera. Now I’m stitching on another Mystery piece which will have to remain a mystery as the recipient is another reader of my blog, ahh I do love to tease you all *wink*

I had a small amount of s.e.x. at the weekend as well. The charts for the Alphabet Afghan arrived, so now I just have to choose the threads. At the moment I’m working on stitching each letter in a different colour overdyed silk working my way around the colour wheel. I want to use Vikki Clayton silks as I already have a lot of the colours, but choosing 26 of them isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when you’re trying to keep a balance between all the colours, but most of the ones you own are in the blue/purple section of the wheel.

I also found a seller on Ebay who was listing individual numbers of DMC and had all the discontinued colours, so I greedily pounced on her entire stock (12 skeins) of 504. Now I know this was d/c because it (allegedly) looked the same as another colour (I forget the number) but I have a shade chart with both of them on, side by side, and I can tell the difference. Since I have many older charts that all use this colour, getting a small stash of it was quite a coup. I also went through my collection and made a list of all the colours I have missing from the set at the moment and bought all of them from her as well. At 33 cents a skein (about 19p) that’s much cheaper than I can get it over here. This is her shop if anyone else wants to go shopping (no affiliation, yadayadayada…)

I managed to seriously crack the screen on my mobile on Saturday. Fortunately it’s just the cover and not the phone itself, so I’ve got a new cover on the way (shiny red!). That’ll teach me to check before shaking up the duvet to make the bed. The phone hit the bedpost at eek mph and exploded in a “cover went this way, phone went that way, god knows where the battery went” stylee.

And finally…

I’m a SIM!

Panthergirl of The Dog’s Breakfast had the great idea a while ago of turning fellow bloggers into Sims, and asked for volunteers. It was so popular she had to enlist the help of a few other bloggers, and a couple of days ago Robin informed me that Kitty Cricket (not sure where the surname came from) had been created.

Here’s the Cricket family, and here’s our first lot of antics. If you want to see all the blogger Sims then sashay over to Adventures in Cyberia for the full on Sim-ness of it all.

Finally, finally...

Very little stitching will take place this evening as I am picking up my copy of HP on the way home tonight. Right now I'm taking bets as to what time I actually get to bed sleep...