Tuesday, June 14, 2005


It looks like today will be the first day I’ve managed to go without taking any painkillers for my tooth. I’m so tired of it hurting, I really hoped it would get better a lot faster than this. One of the teeth next to the gap is still sore in it’s socket from where it was used as leverage.

I’ve started stitching Celtic Heart by M Designs. I’m stitching it on 28 count SMF Hearts and Flowers, over one in tent stitch, using Vicky Clayton’s Huckleberry in #12 Perle. It’s stitching up quite quickly and coming out even better than I’d hoped. Not my usual colours but the fabric and thread seemed to be made for each other. I’ll post a pic when it’s done which should be quite soon.

I’ve finally settled on a hedgehog for Amanda’s RR and ordered it on Sunday. Yesterday I had an email from Sewandso telling me my order had been posted but that one item was out of stock, guess which item, yes you guessed it, the hedgehog. They’re expecting some more in in a week so fingers crossed. I’ll just have to stitch like fury when it arrives to make the next posting date.

I also ordered Celtic Winter. Someone on the SMF Forum suggested that Northern Myst would be perfect for this design and since I have a piece of that in my stash I’ll be looking at starting it when I get the chart. I do want to alter the colours slightly, but only by blending a range of icy blues with the silvery-greys already used for the dress, and changing the colour of the braid used. I’d originally thought to use silver, but I may go for a darker blue instead. Oh and I think I may be losing it completely as I’ve just thought of replacing the white in the dress with white Krenik for a bit of extra sparkle, somebody shoot me now please.

Wookie and I have got another holiday coming up. Just another long weekend away. This one is in honour of a car I won in an auction for Children in Need last year. Not to keep, just to use for a Thursday to a Tuesday. The car is a Smart Brabus Roadster and given that it’s supposed to be a nippy little car we’ve decided to take it to Scotland and zoom around the country roads in it for a few days. Or rather I’ll get to zoom and Wookie’ll get to panic, since he can’t drive. I just hope we can both get in and out of it without too much trouble. Y’see it’s not a big car. We’ll also have to pack light, just room for a couple of pairs of undies and a toothbrush methinks *grin* If I could take it abroad we’d be heading for the Nurburgring again, but I can’t *shame*