Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random scritchings

My jaw is recovering from yesterdays ordeal. It's still very sore and quite swollen but not as painful as it was before the tooth was removed and I know it'll all be better eventually. Thankyou for the good thoughts.

The Post Office have effectively told me I should give up hope on recovering my missing RR and just put in a compensation claim. So I am now in the process of marking up another piece of fabric to send off to the next person in the RR in an attempt to catch up. I'll just have to restitch my bit at the end.

I had today off work because my face was extremely painful when I woke up this morning and I'd had hardly any sleep because I kept rolling over onto my sore side. Because of this I haven't been able to surf as much and haven't been able to visit all your blogs, so if you were wondering about me being a bit quiet, that's why.

It's also going to be quiet here for the next few days as I'm off to Germany tomorrow evening on a coach trip to the Nurburgring for Rock-Am-Ring 2005. There's quite a group of us going and most of them are much bigger rock fans than I am. I'm mainly going to see Iron Maiden who are the headline band for Saturday. I've been a fan of theirs for nearly 20 years now and I missed seeing them when they headlined at Donnington back in 1987 because my mother said I was too young to go. I'm looking on it as an opportunity to see and hear many more bands and hopefully find a few more that I like.

Oh and finally, I finished Purr-dicament last night, but you'll have to wait until I get back from Germany for a picture.

I'll be back next Tuesday so ta-ra for now.