Monday, May 16, 2005

Just let me get my hands on them...

I’ve had a wonderful weekend. No. Really.

Hmm, you can sense the sarcasm can’t you.

It started out ok. I had the day off work on Friday for the man to come and replace the door panel so that the catflap could be fitted. Not only did he come when he said, but he was actually early! So it was all done by 9:30am.

Then I decided to take a trip to Ikea to get a storage unit for the living room so I could actually tidy up in such a way that didn’t leave neat little piles all over the place. So I spent 2 hours mooching round Ikea trying to choose something, then loaded it up and headed home. The next 2 hours were spent putting the dratted thing together and then I started tidying. That was about 6pm. Wookie came home from work about 10pm. I’d just got out of the shower after tidying, hoovering and washing the windows. I don’t clean very often but when I do, boy do I clean! However, not one word did he say about the tidying or cleaning, oh no, what did I get… "What on earth is that?" says he (in tones of disgust), pointing at the new unit. Things went downhill from there.

Saturday we had planned to go to a games convention (role-playing, board games etc…), but as I had an appointment in the morning, he was travelling there on the train with a friend of ours, D, and I was going to meet them there later. I got there about 1pm and we spent the afternoon and evening making new friends and introducing them to some new games that we like and learning some new games from other people. Around 9:30pm I was organising a game called Are you a Werewolf? It’s a great game that needs about 12+ people to play. You have a group of players, most of them are villagers, 2 are werewolves and one is a seer. The werewolves get to eat one villager a night and the seer gets to ‘see’ whether a chosen villager is a werewolf or not and then during the day the remaining villagers (inc wolves) have to choose someone to lynch. If the villagers manage to lynch the werewolves before they all get eaten then they win, otherwise the werewolves win. It’s all very raucous and wonderful fun. This finished around 10pm, which was also the time the event finished for the day. So we started to pack up and this was when I noticed that my handbag had gone.

Some SCUMBAG had stolen my handbag *grr*

Fortunately I had my car keys, house keys and work mobile in my pocket, but everything else, my purse, cards, personal mobile, etc… were all in my bag. (Note for my American readers, here in the UK our purse is what we keep our money and cards in, our handbag is what we keep the kitchen sink in *grin*) I managed to get my cards and stuff cancelled within an hour of them being pinched, and when I got home I got my mobile sim card locked out. Wookie and D had both been drinking steadily throughout the day and were totally and utterly arseholed by this point, and about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican. So while I was talking to the call centre to get my cards stopped and trying to get back to the car to get it out of the car park before they locked up for the night, Wookie and D were having difficulty standing, let alone walking, and were more interested in where they could get some food from. We eventually left around 11:30pm, I dropped D off at home about 12:30am after having stopped on route so he could have a quick chat with the cardinal *bleach*, then it was another half-hour before we made it home.

Now I have to go through the process of replacing everything. I’ve already managed to get a new bag. It’s quite a relief, I felt naked without it. Wookie took me to the pub for lunch yesterday and when I got out of the car I automatically went to grab my bag, as I walked into the pub it just felt so weird not having my bag on my shoulder, it was horrible.

Of course I found out yesterday that my home insurance doesn’t cover personal possessions outside the home so I’m having to cover the cost of replacing everything myself. It’s not like I can’t afford it, I can just thing of loads more things I’d rather be spending my money on.

Yesterday was better. It was a nice day weather-wise and I managed to sneak down to the bottom of the garden with my camera when the geese were there with their babies and get lots of close up photos and a couple of little films of them. I’ll post some of those later this week; they’re so cute. I’ll also noticed that the coots have hatched four little cootlings and there’s also loads of ducklings, but I couldn’t get close enough to photograph them. I really should just build a blind at the bottom of the garden.

I’m sure the stealing of my handbag has to do with the family curse. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow…