Monday, February 21, 2005

A warm front followed by a cold snap

My auctions are finishing today at around 6pm GMT, please take a look, remember it's mother's day soon :)

Well after sporting a rather dashing temperature of 103 F (39.5 C) on Friday morning. I then spent most of the weekend lounging around the house feeling like something the cat just dragged in, chewed up, batted around a bit and then sat on, I seem to feeling a lot better this morning. Just in time for the snow.

It's snowing outside, right now. Although it can't seem to make it's mind up whether to be serious about it or not. Ten minutes ago it was such a flurry of flakes outside it looked like a very thick fog. Now they're wafting down from the sky in such a delicate manner you half expect to look down and see people dancing and singing in the streets, twirling their umbrellas like some 1960's musical. Oh yes, and the sun is shining. In another half hour I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it pouring with rain. Ahh the delights of the British weather systems.