Friday, February 04, 2005

Giddy as a schoolgirl

No I haven't got a hot date, well not that kind of date anyway, I think DBF may have something to say about that.

No I'm excited because tomorrow I'm going to a get-together. Not just any GTG either, oh no, this is a gathering of stitchers. Ooooh, Ahhhh, yes ok get the sarcasm over with. It's exciting for me, ok.

This is a gathering of friends made on a Bulletin Board, a forum for stitching Brits. Some of them I have met before, most of them I haven't and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm a little sad about it too. Over the last week quite a few people have had to drop out because they can't make it for one reason or another, and I'm really going to miss meeting them. But then I cheer myself up with the thought that it just gives us all an excuse for another gathering. Yay!

Another thing that's made me quite giddy this morning is the fact that my blog has been visited by a Person. None other than the famous (or should that be infamous) Michele. I wish I'd know she was coming, I could have rolled out the red carpet, got the best china out and unlocked the cookie jar. Unfortunately, due to the difference in time zones I was asleep when she arrived. I have to say she's a model visitor, quietly browsing around without disturbing me and then complimenting me on the decor whilst ignoring the slight state of disarray.

So now that I have attracted the attention of such a doyenne of the blogging world does that mean I'm going to become complaicent. Not a bit of it. I shall still be here, doing my best to entertain you all in whatever way I can.

I thankyou :)