Saturday, January 29, 2005

Totally Juicy

Grapefruit Sugar ScrubOk I know I haven't done any product type posts before but this one I had to share.

A few weeks ago I realised my face was suffering from not having been exfoliated in months. Gotta love moving house for losing all the things you only use occasionally. So next time I was out shopping I perused the shelves for something to use. Now I like something quite abrasive. I used to use Clinique facial scrub (can't remember the exact name) but they discontinued it years ago because people weren't using it 'in the correct manner' - 'scuse me?

So since then I have tried various products and none of them have been sufficiently 'scrubby' enough for me, until now.

This stuff is fantastic. If you use it on your skin dry... well imagine mixing sugar with jelly (jello) and rubbing it on your skin, whoooeee! The grapefruit adds an extra zing to the proceedings. Even better, you can adjust the harshness of the scrub. The sugar gradually softens in warm water until it dissolves away, so if you want a gentler scrub just add some water and wait until it's the right consistency before using it.

They claim that it doesn't leave a sticky residue and they're right. But the thing I love the most about this product is the little warning on the packaging:

"Please do not eat Totally Juicy products"

Aaah, bless =)