Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Diets begin tomorrow

All the way home from work in the car this evening I was considering what to have for my tea. I'll be going on an official diet soon, joining Weight Watchers while it's free. But I haven't done it yet. Still I was thinking that I'd open up a small tin of salmon, which would be even smaller after each of the cats had had their portion from it. God help you if you open a tin of fish in this house and don't pay the kitty tax.

So, a small tin of salmon, some ceasar salad and tomato and cucumber to fill out the plate. Very healthy.

So what did I do the second I got home, after feeding the kitties obviously. Turned the oven on to warm up, to cook oven chips so I can have Chip Butties for my tea.

For those of you not in the know a chip butty is a quintessentially British food. To make one you need need a plate of chips (fries for the americans out there) and some bread and butter, you then take a slice of bread and butter, load it with chips and fold it in half with the chips inside. That's it, nice and simple. Ideally the chips will be piping hot and there will be a lot of butter on the bread. This is so that, when you make the butty (or sandwich for all you non-brits) the heat of the chips melts the butter and it soaks into the bread.

Ok so what actually happens is that the butter melts and drips all over your top, but hey, that's all part of the chip butty experience. It's like making a bacon and egg sandwich with a runny egg, you know it's going to drip.

No this is not the low-fat option for tea. Granted they are oven chips, not deep fried in lard and it's extremely low fat margarine not butter but as I said, diets start tomorrow.

For a more detailled description read this.