Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tis the season to be jolly

Just in case you were wondering what had sparked the sudden festive humour *cough*

It was my work team Christmas Lunch yesterday. I travelled all the way to Birmingham and spent the day there just to go to the lunch in the works canteen with my colleagues. The food was actually better then their usual standard. We started with tomato and basil soup which was great, tasty, hot and thick, not their usual soup standard at all (they normally run to tepid, thin and bland or so salty it’s all you can taste.)

This was followed by a traditional turkey dinner. The meat was the usual pre-prepared, sliced in gravy fare, but the vegetables actually held themselves together when I stuck my fork in them, rather than dissolving into little mounds of green or orange mush.

The finale of the meal was a choice of profiteroles or christmas pud in brandy sauce (brandy flavouring of course, after all we were at work), with coffee and mince pies.

However the point of all this is that as well as the food there were the traditional mass-produced crackers on the tables, one for each of us, which were dully pulled. The hats were bright and cheerful, the toys were little plastic animals (I got a yellow jumping frog), and then there were the jokes.

Naff cracker jokes are a christmas institution and after reading through the offerings we were graced with at lunch yesterday I felt I had to share them with all my readers. So this weeks entries are all from yesterday, but since I’m going to another ‘do’ on Friday afternoon I’m sure I’ll have many more to inflict upon you and send you screaming into your own personal hell delight you all =)

A Merry Festive Season to one and all.