Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The first Bah Humbug Award of the year goes to…

The Early Learning Centre Online.

For being so stingy as to make me return an item that they sent me incorrectly before they would refund the money. That’s quite fair I hear you cry, well maybe, until you find out that the item only costs £1. That’s right, one measly pound. Take into account that they will have paid to post it to me, they will have paid a fee for the transaction on my credit card, they will pay for me to post it back to them (freepost returns) and they will likely pay another fee for refunding my credit card. After all this it’ll probably have cost them £1 for the round trip.

So it’s BAH HUMBUG to the Early Learning Centre Online.

That said the rest of the service was great and the website was easy to use so I will probably shop there again.