Monday, November 29, 2004

The aftermath

I survived the weekend!

Saturday night with DBF and DBB was both better and worse than I expected. Better in that the two of them were, on the whole, quieter than they usually are. Worse because of the following event:

It comes to that part of the evening when tummies rule, and the conversation turns to what fast food places deliver and what we are going to order. Pizza was the selection and so the great topping debate began. DBB is a vegetarian, both DBF and DBB are psycho chilli-heads and I'm a raving carnivore who likes to be able to feel her tongue by the end of a meal. As you can imagine this part of the evening usually spans a minimum of half an hour as the discussion ranges back and forth. Individual pizzas or sharing followed by what toppings to have on the non-veggie one, then the choice of crust and so on. All this takes place while DBF and DBB are still playing GTA so their attention is hard to keep. This time the debate took a more unusual turn: About 10 mins into the proceedings DBF wanted to look at the menu, so I lobbed it over to him. He sat up with it in his hands and then keeled over on the floor and just lay there. DBB automatically assumed he was faking, me, I wasn't so sure (I'm too easily fooled.) The first test was applied: DBB stole DBF's can of cider. This didn't elicit a reaction (normally this is grounds for execution) which got me a little worried. So I rolled him on to his back and leaned over to get a closer look, at which point the faking great ijit lunges for me. I shriek and scoot backwards and he lands... on my toe! MY SORE TOE! As you can imagine I called him many rude things. He accused me of being a big sissy drama queen (he can be very unsympathetic when he's had a few drinkies). I called him many more rude things including a rude word for a self-gratifier (a word I save for special occasions such as this.) He's stomps off to the swamp (his room, full of his tat) and proceeds to sulk for the next hour.

Fortunately the rest of the evening was subdued by comparison. I tootled off to bed at around 1am. DBF woke me up coming to bed at 7am!

Sunday I spent most of the day stitching on the Birth Sampler. I've made a few modifications to the design to make it a bit longer and include some Rhodes Butterflies. These are on the bigger of the two designs, but not the smaller one that I am stitching, but I like them so they're in now. I'll try and take a progress pic tonight.