Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Moving day is nearly here!

Well I'm finally moving this Friday (15th Oct)!!!

The house looks like a bombsite and I'm not even doing the packing. The removal firm is coming in on Thursday to pack me (not literally =)) Part of the disarray is due to everything being put away to make the house look tidy to sell it. Now it's sold I can't find anything, so I keep dragging boxes out of cupboards and rifling through them to find things that I want.

My todo list seems to get longer each time I look at it, and the fuzzbutts are running rings round me every evening as I try to do all the little things that need to be done, like getting the laundy done and washing up all the pots. I'm leaving things like mopping and hoovering until they've gone to kennels.

I'll be glad when Friday evening comes and I can flop on the sofa in the new house in front of the telly, ok so it probably won't be connected but it's the principle of the thing dammit! =D